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Classes of Enduro and Offroad

organize Classes of Enduro and off-road since 1998, Bianchi Prata already has a vast experience in this field.

courses, internships and baptisms have as objective the improvement of learning and driving in offroad. These comprise a theoretical and practical issues are addressed as technical and driving position, and mechanical maintenance of vehicles.


Training Centers Bianchi Prata, in Marco Canaveses (Livração) and Sintra, under the guidance of the pilot Pedro Bianchi Prata, you can indulge in adventure to circumvent several obstacles in a setting fit for purpose.

With a practical component, the aim of baptisms and Internships Enduro / TT by Bianchi Prata is to introduce the sport and be able to show the various techniques required to be able to evolve.
With all the conditions necessary for the practical modalities of the training center Bianchi Prata has several types of circuits, each designed for different levels of pilot students.
The student can rent a bike from any equipment or bring there own material, the price varying depending on the time classes or hire a bike or not.
The two centers have various stages of bikes at your disposal, here are the various models available:

Husqvarna TE 449
Husqvarna TE 511
Husqvarna TE 250
Husqvarna TE 310
Husqvarna TC 449
TTR 125
TTR 90

The Racing School in Livração in the north of the country, has toilets and changing rooms to change clothes and showers for use after school, in Monte da Varzea only toilets and changing rooms to change clothes.

In 4H mode Stage or Stage specialized lunches can be made at the Racing scholl, for 6 € per person being served a balanced meal, like the one used by pilot Bianchi Prata in Rally Dakar 2013, composed by:

1 multivitamin Shake 300ml (with various flavors will choose)
1 protein bar (with various flavors will choose)
1 piece of fruit (banana or apple)
Here are some of the tracks of our racing Schools


Marking subject to minimum number of participants and availability of the monitor.



Address Training Centers Bianchi Prata

Training Center Marco de Canaveses:

Quinta do Marinheiro

Rua do Marinheiro

Lugar de Campos, nº 594

Freguesia de Santo Isidoro

4635-275 Marco de Canaveses

Morada Monte da Várzea
Casa Branca
2205-134 Alvega
PortugalCoordenadas GPS: 39°27’59.9″N   8°00’49.7″W

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